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Community Outreach

Core GWEN Programs and Initiatives 

GWEN develops and implements a variety of programs and initiatives that drive and support positive social activism. Our efforts are designed to enhance the world with a focus on Empowerment, Education, Entrepreneurism, and Entertainment.

GWEN Luminary Awards

GWEN Luminary Awards shine a spotlight on the individuals, organizations and corporations making a significant social impact in their community or on a global scale. We think it is important to celebrate those who are making a difference in the world through acts of kindness, leadership and mentorship, community building, and human rights activism.

Past winners of the GWEN Luminary Awards are: Joni Mitchell (2018); Anna Lynne McCord (2018); Rahama Sadau (2018); and, Fran Drescher (2017).

#Reveal2Heal Curriculum and Workshops

Anthology Book Series

Our for-profit publishing company, GWEN Books … launching Summer 2018 Tell Us Your Story to REVEAL TO HEAL

March Forth

Our “March Forth” campaign is designed to recognize and celebrate individuals and organizations who are marching forward work that is aligned to our efforts of collaboration and empowerment. Each day in March (Women’s History Month), with the help of GWEN partners, we showcase a different individual or organization who is doing great work in the world.


Throughout the month of October, GWEN highlights brave individuals who have survived and overcome a struggle or crisis in life. These success stories focus on issues highlighted with national observances for the month of October: domestic violence, anti-bullying and breast cancer.

Fiscal Sponsorship

I Believe in Her
Bloom Boldly
Lighthouse Effect

Women Illuminated Film Festival

The Women Illuminated Film Festival, which occurs annually in parallel with the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, highlights works created by female filmmakers. The features, documentaries, short stories previewed at the festival address many of the social issues near and dear to our hearts, such as early-child marriage, sex/human trafficking, homelessness and domestic violence, to name a few.